Statesman Media - Presents

Founded in 1871, the Austin American-Statesman has evolved into Statesman Media, the number one media company in Central Texas. Our core portfolio of print, digital and mobile products connects our audience anytime, anywhere, reaching more than 50% of adults in the DMA in a typical week. Our cross-platform evolution also offers advertisers strategic ways to connect with their customers and tell their story too.

StatesmanMediaPresents is Statesman Media’s business-to-business event series, connecting local companies with industry experts around the country for the latest research, marketing and creative strategies to drive the most success out of their marketing budgets.

Upcoming Events:

Video Content that Drives Business Results – 09/12/17

Past Events:

Google Seminar – The Evolving Search and Digital Video Landscape – 08/02/2016

Gig Economy, Talent Brand, Social Sourcing: How to Compete for Top Candidates – 11/17/15

Marketing to the New Austin – 09/30/15

Google Seminar – 07/16/2015

Data, Demographics & Direct Marketing – 05/13/2015

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